Extraordinary is a choice. Be “Extra-Ordinary”.

In this article we have collected inspiring ideas, based around High Point University, USA’s extraordinary expansion and reputation. Visionaries share why today is a different world that requires the ‘remarkable’ and extraordinary. Seth Godin, marketing visionary is interviewed in Thought Leader talks about what it takes to be remarkable and Dr Nido R. Qubein, President of High Point University shares his own story as immigrant to supporting the transformation of the University. Graduate from the same university of B. Science in Interior Design, Laura Tworney, shares why Biophilic Design is critical for our future world of work. 

Be extraordinary, be remarkable, be unique, be a genius… and even be weird as Seth Godin encourages Dr Nido to consider, but most importantly… be YOU!

Go beyond ordinary and enjoy the exhilaration, wellbeing and peace that comes from the Extraordinary.


An obscure University expands and becomes a Leader in Extraordinary ways....

“Being extraordinary is a choice.

It’s about connecting scholarly knowledge with practical Life Skills.

It’s about leading, serving and living a life in balance.”

From immigrant, nature camp counsellor to High Point resident, board director of major institutions to President of the University.... Read More

Values – what we value is everything.
Choosing to be Extraordinary is about:

  • Exiting the ocean of sameness
  • Entering the small pool of distinction

This gives us the focus to provide Programs, Services, Infrastructure and Facilities that are Extraordinary. It lets us upgrade everything – inventing new ways of making good things happen.

We are about:

  • Extraordinary education;
  • Inspiring environment;
  • Caring people.

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If you really want to be inspired about the Extraordinary, Dr Nido Qubein’s life and values make it all seem so simple. Watch this 27 minute documentary with interviews and a view of the universities rapid expansion and achievements.

Biophilic Design for the new world of work

Graduate of High Point University, Laura Tworney shares why Biophilic Design is critical for the new world of work. 

“Biophilic design celebrates three types of attributes: environmental features (nature in the space), natural shapes and forms (natural analogues), and natural patterns and processes (nature of the space). Environmental features might include natural light, framed views to nature, natural air flow, natural materials such as wood and natural fibers, or even a fire feature. Natural shapes and forms within a space might be manmade, but might reference something found in nature through botanical motifs, arches and domes, or organic and rounded shapes. Natural patterns and processes within a design include complex visual patterns, sensory variability, information richness, or authentic patinas that show the passage of time. Humans are also drawn to spaces which offer both prospect and refuge; a sense of height and physical perspective as well as a sense of enclosure.


Companies are increasingly making employee wellness a top workplace priority, and biophilic elements are an excellent way to create a healthier, happier, more inviting work environments. The inclusion of environmental features, natural shapes and forms, and natural patterns and processes can boost employees’ moods, morale, and productivity. One of the easiest ways to enhance an employee’s workspace is to incorporate live plants, which immediately improve air quality by releasing oxygen and removing pollutants from the air.


What does the future of biophilic design hold? Look for biophilic design opportunities to continue to increase in the commercial sector, as employers continue to seek differentiators within their workplaces to attract and retain high-quality talent. 


As prioritizing sustainable design and wellness becomes the norm across all building types, we can expect biophilic design to continue to be a growing and thriving part of the industry.”


Why is ‘Weird’ necessary for Extraordinary?

Seth Godin is a Thought Leader, interviewed at HPU (High Point University) by Nido Qubein. He talks about the Bell Curve of who we are becoming. Since 1955 the majority were mainstream doing similar things. Now we have larger groups of people on the spectrum. See his Diagram below and hear more about why ‘Weird’ is becoming the new norm… an ingredient for what Seth describes as the time of the ‘remarkable’.

As Seth Godin says, we have only had just under 140 years of the ‘non remarkable’ (1860 – 1998 The Industrial Age). Prior to this time and recently the ‘remarkable’ is more obvious. Look at the architecture, inventions, and artisan designs prior to 1860 and the beautiful Biophilic examples of design today such as Sydney’s One Central Park building and surrounding landscape design . Exquisite. There is no going back to the Industrial Age. What helps us thrive with resilience, is to return to the remarkable and the extraordinary.

Supporting a culture shift towards a new norm with Nature as a lens or tool, is what we at The Intuit Institute bring to the table.


Find out more at info@theintuitinstitute.com.au and join us on the journey!



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