Ample research proves that Nature is the missing link in many of our workplaces and even in our home lives. 

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Work and life were always kept separate. Today, bringing the two together makes us authentic, resilient, confident, optimistic and at ease with the rapid change and unpredictability going on around us.

Little steps are all we need to take. Within a short time, life, work and play can be more Natural and even Extraordinary. As you align more to your own True Nature, using Nature’s perfect systems as a model, you will draw out your own Extraordinary contribution to life, work and play – in ways that suit your values, choices and aspirations.


.In 2013, studies were published that measured the increase in human immune system function through breathing in ‘terpenes’ in the forest air.

Terpenes are the complex biochemical compounds that are released by trees and plants causing a healing effect on the human body. 

There is also evidence that breathing in terpenes increases anti-cancer proteins perforin, granulysin, and “granzymes,” which attack existing tumour cells and dangerous cells that may lead to cancer. Terpenes not only improve our immune system function but also protect us from heart attacks by increasing the body’s production of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), according to Japanese studies published in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine. A Korean study also found a significant decrease in depression.     Source 

So the air we breath isn’t just H20!  Nature is the opposite of pollution, fuelling us with well-being air.

Biophilic design is
not about greening
our buildings or
simply increasing
their aesthetic
appeal through
inserting trees
and shrubs.

"In the twelfth century, German Benedictine abbess and scholar Hildegard von Bingen wrote down her discoveries about the healing nature of plants. Nearly nine hundred years later, many people still closely associate her name with herbal medicine. She called the power in plants and all other living beings “greening power.”

“If you live
in a system
of boxes, as
most people
do, you can barely struggle
to achieve an
effective life.”
Christopher Alexander
Lecture at Berkeley,
California, 2011

Communication is the transmission of information between a sender and receiver. One person sends out information, and somebody else receives and decodes it. "Plants can do just that exceedingly well. They are true masters in emitting, receiving, and decoding information. And that makes them masters in communication.”

“Plants, like insects, communicate using chemical substances. They send out molecules, which are tiny chemical units of these substances consisting of atoms. Plants can send and exchange outrageously complex information using fragrances,” Wilhelm Boland, professor of organic chemistry at the University of Karlsruhe and at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, (Published in the German magazine Der Spiegel)

"Plants communicate directly with our immune system and unconsciously without us even needing to touch, much less swallow, them. This fascinating interaction between human and plant is hugely significant for medicine and psychotherapy and is just starting to be understood by science..."