The Body & Wellbeing is an important part of Biophilia – the ability to love life in its systems and form….

Founder, Kirsten interviewed Samantha – exploring her very unique approach to Yoga, Nutrition and Nature which is about connecting again to Nature. Her Zoom sessions brought us together over COVID19… 

What is Japanese Yoga Therapy? What way can we reconnect to our organs – living parts of our ‘True Nature’? Samantha Hillier joins our team to support the “Biophilic Individual” program. She offers 4-weekly online zoom sessions and is part of our zoom group live-coaching for members and participants. If we are to explore how Nature can restore our well-being and health just by being near it (at work, play and in life) then re-connecting to our body is a big part of how we can feel energised, extraordinary and tap in to our genius potential.  

Get inspired. Hear more about Biophilia and how it is bringing us together, to be more Authentic, Adventurous and… Extraordinary!

Consider how your work, life and play can become one life, not separate. Find out more in this short video interview.

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