Making Workspaces
More Natural
creating the new


SPACE & culture

designing the new world of work:
the office & home,
THE VIRTUAL & culture
through design as well as
empowering leaders,
teams and individuals 




consulting, design, training
FOR THE interior & exterior

We facilitate strategy with the CEO and Senior Executive team. What does the future look like? What enablers will bring about this accelerated change and help pivot quickly? Our powerful tools, assist this important dialogue. Our expertise are unique in considering both the physical work space – The Where as well as the work culture enablers – The How.


Build WELL* with Environmental Design incorporating health considerations such as air quality.  Utilise our Green Star* expertise. But more importantly – rather than tick boxes – instead model the commitment toachieving agile & fluid workplaces that draw out maximum potential, concentration, wellbeing and health for your people.
*We are accredited.


Our project team of experts can rapidly implement interior and landscape design changes. Draw from an expert team of Engineers, Architects, Project Managers as well as Interior & Landscape Designers who are passionate about Biophilic Principles and the effect this has on the workforce.  







organisational culture & change:
design, strategy, consulting &
training for:Leaders,teams,
entrepreneurs & individuals

we offer expertise in these areas:

Strategy for Executives

Change Management

Virtual Team Enablers

Virtual Learning Enablers

Virtual Conferences


Flexibility & Inclusion

High Potential Enablers

Engaged Teams

Agile Projects




Learning Design

Virtual Teams

Individual Career Refinement

service Packages

Accelerate your learning. Refine your focus. Upskill in the benefits of Biophilic Culture. Let go of extrinsic motivation tactics that often don’t work. Instead identify the key priorities that inspire intrinsic genius. Own the change and overcome feeling a victim of circumstances. Be the change you wish to see. By participating in one or more of these powerful programs, you will cut through the mediocre belief systems instilled from childhood and our cultural norms – usually by the well intentioned. Shift into an extraordinary life with work and play being fun and authentic.

Get Recognised

Our programs can contribute towards your CPD (Continuing Professional Development). We design learner-driven programs with a learning journey that addresses individual development gaps and needs in updating professional knowledge. 

Support Innovation

The Intuit Institute has been set up to advance the research and science-based understanding of the connection of Nature with Human Potential. By supporting the Institute, you are supporting the advancement into a new practice as well as creation of new methodologies that support resilient organisations and a sustainable future.


 Blended learning program:

Coach   •  eLearning  •  Colleague Interactions   •  Science Based Evidence 

Fundamentals in workspace design & environmental assets

Making buildings WELL: Greening enablers (Plants, Screens etc..), Well Air enablers (Gadgets, Principles)

Patterns of biophilia in design

The Esquisse biophilic design approach and its impact on on people, culture, profit and sustainability

Elective Workbased Projects: for Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, and more…




An executive personalised coaching program offering:

Executive Coach   •  eLearning  •  Colleague Interactions   •  Leader Best Practice Methodology Toolkit  •  Science Based Resource Centre

 Create genius space and chart the navigation

Facilitate the 3 highest priorities in self and others

Transcend the 12 limiting beliefs that jeopardise you and the team

Track the 4 wellbeing factors

Enable technology enablers that pivot the team from the old to the new norm

Trimtab strategic approach to saving considerable time & expenses

12 Month Package




 Blended learning program:

Coach   •  eLearning  •  Colleague Interactions   •  Practical Tools

Understanding & valuing each persons 3 highest priorities

Esquisse method

Affinity group process

The strength of the Tetrahedron applied to Teams

The 4 levels of competence (what it takes to be Genius)

Diversity & Inclusion

Patterns of biophilia applied to Teams

Team wellbeing strategy agreement

Proactive self-responsibility

Transcending personality 

Elective Work-based Projects: for the team or to facilitate Biophilic Team programs




 A blended program offering:

Coach   •  eLearning  •  Colleague Interactions   •  Science Based Evidence 

 Reclaiming the genius, setting the 3 highest priorities, life-purpose and navigating around the 12 limiting beliefs

Wellbeing practices and the 4 factors

Biophilia way of life, work and play

Mastering technology enablers for better work practice and balance

Identifying the easy route and giving up force and struggle

Owning your future and letting go of blaming circumstances and others

How to create consistently with focus and clarity

Redesigning home, work and play – the space & culture for success




Let’s recreate a resilient future together!