I continue to be amazed at how simple it is to attract more of what we are interested in or focused on. I believe intention is the most important ingredient to achieving the ‘Extraordinary’. Unlike most beliefs, the next ingredient is to let go and allow the ‘How’ to come. Ideas, people, resources come to us verses making things happen. Action is inspired, not forced. 

The future – with all it’s uncertainties – is about letting go of control and trusting the answers come – rapidly when the vision and intention is clear. I was taking a walk along Manly Beach promenade with a friend (Lawyer, Entrepreneur) as she pushed her little toddler in the pram. It was early days in the creation of The Intuit Institute. We casually talked about business, home life and the need to re-create workspaces (how they look, working from home, at the office and virtual ways to get work done).

As we conversed, my friend stopped walking, looked at me with excitement and with great animation shared her early career experience at a remote Workspace in the UK. She called it “Second Home” and was adamant I check it out. My passion for Biophilia was confirmed with this Second Home concept, growing exponentially in Europe and even LA, USA!. They lead the way, to what is possible in Australia. Are you ready to get excited and animated too?

Why was this Workspace so unique and inspiring to her, myself and many who get to have their workspace at Second Home? Because Biophilia is at the core, the foundation of its creation!

In fact one of the first talks given at Second Home was from the very creator of the concept: Biophilia!

Screenshots from Second Home website:


As Second Home states reminds us that:

The beauty of nature is undeniable. But being around it also has tremendous benefits to our psychological well-being. That’s why we embrace biophilia and biophilic design.

So what makes Second Home like a ‘second home’? What makes these workspaces so attractive to people? Why are more and more people choosing these workspaces? Well, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”


Blog Update: We have been investigating the need for Anti Viral Air Filtration and another London coworking space has created a Covid safe work environment. Very exciting innovation coupled with wellbeing and Biophilia intentions. Read more by clicking on the button below!




Spaces that mimic and embrace nature are known to calm our nervous system. Increase our focus. And enhance our creativity and inspiration. Allowing us to come up with bigger, bolder ideas more often. – Second Home



That’s why Second Homes look like they do. Why thousands of plants live all around them. And why every walkway, office and meeting room is curved and full of colour and texture.


Green spaces make people happy.   Tim Smit – Founder of the Eden Project, speaking at Second Home. 

At The Intuit Institute, we see ourselves as the ‘Trim Tab’ – the invention that turned the rudder of large ships. Instead of needing the rudder to turn a large ship at speed, requiring a huge amount of energy, Trim Tab was invented (a small device that turns the rudder, not the ship, saving much energy).

We bring together ideas, inventions, innovations and people to support individuals, leaders and organisations to pivot while full steam ahead. Simple ideas can create great change. We look for the simple, the extraordinary, and offer it. Where do we get the inspiration from? Nature of course. Nature has the simple (yet extraordinary) ingredients. We let go of force and instead allow the natural systems to guide us back to a momentum towards success.

The first step is to look at the fundamental culture, values and vision. As you can see with Second Home, its foundations of Biophilia inspired all who experience and collaborate within it’s vision. That is why we need to unite Work Space practicalities with Work Culture.

As Peter Drucker stated:

Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.

If the culture is not right, the greatest strategies are useless.

We need to start first, by redefining the culture. What does the new world of work look like to us? These are questions our Leadership and Strategy Specialists ask at The Intuit Institute.

Then we can bring this cultural shift together with the re-design of work space – bringing health benefits and intellectual stimulators into work environments with our ‘Building WELL’ and ‘Green Star’ accredited experts. The outer and inner become authentically one. The Trim Tab effect can create the commitment and excitement from everyone, both the employee and leader. Strategy is not eaten for breakfast nor lost, as the culture is owned authentically by all. It resonates, it feels good!

May Second Home, be a real model of the ‘extraordinary’ we each seek in our play, work and life.


And as Second Home says, we do too…

We’re constantly widening the initiatives and activities we’re involved with. To make as much of a positive social impact as we can.

 The ideas, the proven approaches are there, ready for us to embrace. Are you ready!


Written by: Kirsten, founder of The Intuit Institute 


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