Recently our Founder, Kirsten interviewed John – exploring his very interesting career and life, always with a Biophilic theme…

It is apt and a great honour to have John join our team. His mix of both the Workplace Design (architecture, building consulting) and the Work Culture expertise (Leadership, Executive Coaching, Consulting, Accelerated Training and more…) bring a holistic wisdom to our practice.

Besides his career, he has had an adventurous and dangerous life – being a musician, top sports person to helping pioneer the Men’s Movement in Australia. People naturally want him to be their mentor or coach – from CEO’ to senior executives & entrepreneurs yet he would rather facilitate than ‘tell’…

Get inspired. Hear more about Biophilia and how it is bringing us together, to be more Authentic, Adventurous and… Extraordinary!

Consider how your work, life and play can become one life, not separate. Find out more in this short video interview.

Wild Walkers Tarkine Forest, Tasmania, Australia Dec-Jan 2021

Since the interview, John trekked to Tasmania over New Years for this rare event. Tasmania still has places where no one has trekked. They went into the ‘truest’ wild unmarked areas for 8 days. Reconnecting to themselves. Some were father and son. Nature gave the answers, clarity, and wisdom. It always does. Facilitated by our Co-Director John Moulang and his Men’s Group Australia colleague, Darvis Walker who is from Tasmania. More opportunities for Men are coming up so if you are interested, reach out to Darvis at his EMAIL (LINK HERE.  See Wild Walkers Website LINK HERE

Below is a video of the latest group who went into the Tarkine Forest, Tasmania, Australia. John is also interviewed within the video. The image below links to the Facebook Post with the video

Here are some insights by Darvis Walker of the recent Wild Walk in the Tarkine Dec-Jan 2021:


So what impact does 8 days of forest immersion have on our purpose..
8 days of friendship, music, deep stillness, silent walking, celebration. And New Year’s Eve with these men will remain in my memory for all time, unforgettable.
Our Eight days was underpinned by exquisite beauty and this simple question and plenty of time to explore it.
What’s my purpose?
Personally, my purpose is to bridge nature and culture. Guiding this group of men into the landscape for this time is an extension of this. My commitment is to draw from the immeasurable wisdom and wellness available in a wild place and support our community to become conscious of the process that’s unfolding. Without that, we risk remaining blind to the unfolding gifts of wild places. If we’re blind to it, we don’t carry the same value for place as we do if we recognise the markers of transformation that occur when immersed in ancient places for such time.
My undercurrent question is this.
How can wild places inform life purpose? As a group of men, we walked out together, exploring untracked places and at the same time exploring the untracked parts of ourselves. By tracking those parts of self that aren’t well known, that lay under the rug, we free up energetic resources and make them available to direct toward purpose, toward the creative centre of us. This is the intention of the untracked man, to track down and refine purpose.



The Intuit Institute supports Wilding.

Why? It is a chance to let go and re-connect to what Nature offers, the ‘Unpredictable’, the first step to us accepting how life really works, bringing Awe and Wonderment like the BBC Earth research shows – We need this to invigorate vitality, courage, confidence… knowing…


Watch this space and our regular INSIGHTS to inspire a new paradigm and outlook… where Nature (Biophilia) brings us back to ourselves.

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